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Vyom Power is a fully fledged and complete EPC solutions provider. We organize world-class technology to plan, establish and provide canon solar projects worldwide.  We provide complete end-to-end solutions with the help of our in-house engineering teams who knows how to develop the most lucrative and energy competent solar plants in the industry.

We manage solar plant designing right from idea to its execution including its operation and maintenance for the complete lifespan of the product. We help our customers seeking to use solar power right from the initial stage through the entire operational life of the project.


Vyom Power emphasizes on providing value added benefits to our clients rather than just installing solar power plants to their premises. We take exceptional care of our investors who trust us and our products; so we make sure that our investors get maximum returns with their hard earned investment.

We readily and beforehand advice our customers about the happenings of solar industry answering investors why investing on solar sector is a better option of investment. Finding right opportunity with correct practicability study is a key to successful venture. Our expertise advisors comprehend the current market scenarios and assist investors with useful insights that help them to understand how they can precede their investment strategies in this industry. This enables the investor to realize the current and future advantages of the solar industry.

Vyom Power makes your finance criticalities simpler; we have exceptionally tied our knots with several banks and institutions which eases your finance doubts and troubles in no time. Allied with government agencies, nationalized and private banking corporations Vyom Power makes sure that we deliver you comfortable methods of financial support.
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