Solar requires substantial upfront capital investment with benefits coming in over long periods of time. As an intermediate proposition, Power Purchasing Agreements (PPA’s) is a niche in the industry. In it, the client signs the PPA for with our company, who in turn installs and manages the solar plant for free, while the client in turn agrees to buy the electricity at the set price which is undoubtedly lower the existing grid rates


Stage I: Project Development Service
  • Project planning introduction and consultation
  • Project development analysis and evaluation
  • Preliminary project design - Feasibility study
Stage II: Financial analysis
  • Analysis for balance sheets
  • Single project due diligence and Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA)
Stage III: Project EPC Service
  • Project design and engineering
  • System components resourcing and delivery
  • Construction and installation work
  • Grid connection and commissioning
Stage IV: Project O&M Service
  • Project operation monitoring
  • Project corrective maintenance
  • Visual inspections
  • Performance evaluation and optimization


  • No capital investment and no mmaintenance fee for the life of project
  • Reduced cost of electricity, hence less energy bills.
  • Tailor-made Modular systems size can be moderated at any point depending on future requirements.
  • Vyom Power expertise to install a hassle-free solar power plant in your premises and achieve productive results.




  • Your solar asset, Our expertise and experience.
  • Stay care free, we do long term O&M


  • Pre feasibility analysis & bidding assistance.
  • Detailed Project reportEPC Services